Promising Market Expansions after Multiple Success Stories Caribou Coffee Executive Leaders hold a summit in Dubai 11 Nov 2015 Dubai – The executive leaders…

11 Nov 2015

Dubai – The executive leaders of Caribou Coffee around the world have held a summit in Dubai to discuss the reinforcement of the leading food and beverage company across promising markets following the multiple success stories achieved by the brand.

Mr. Hamad Al Sayer, Managing Director of AlSayer Group, the exclusive franchisee of Caribou Coffee in the Middle East and North Africa, stated that the summit highlighted multiple success stories achieved by Caribou Coffee around the world, in addition to announcing the company’s future plans following its mission to enhance and further establish its presence and position as a market leader in new and existing promising markets catering to different tastes.

The summit has discussed the developments in the food and beverage industry around the globe as well as keeping up with the pace of meeting the arising needs and tastes of Caribou Coffee’s guests and visitors through diversifying their menu selection to create harmony between great taste and unique flavors.

Mr. Hamad Al Sayer has emphasized the success of the brand in the Middle East and North Africa and its wide expansion across its branches located in key malls and dining complexes, vibrant shopping centers and areas.

He reaffirmed that the company consider their employees as their most valuable asset and as real contributors to the success of the brand, where they are continuously making sure we provide the signature flavors our customers love supported by our distinguished service.

Caribou Coffee’s branches across Kuwait and UAE are known for their beautiful earthy interiors, exceptional architecture and warm classy furniture. The branches are equipped with state of the art setup to bring you a delightful and pleasant experience.